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Headline News:
»  Andrei Cimpian and Sarah Brown-Schmidt named Professorial Scholars
[More Info] Submitted February 04, 2015
»  LAS Council chooses Keri Niehans for Academic Advising Award
[More Info] Submitted February 04, 2015
»  Professor Dolores Albarracin (Social-Personality Division) has been named the editor of the American Psychological Association's Psychological Bulletin
Submitted January 30, 2015
»  Andrew Case awarded Vera S. Paster Award
[More Info] Submitted January 23, 2015
»  Catch up on the latest department news.
[Link] Submitted November 18, 2014
»  Clark and Ramm receive LAS Awards
[More Info] Submitted November 11, 2014
»  Research by Michael Kraus featured in the New York TImes
[More Info] [Link] Submitted October 07, 2014
»  A new study of nearly 600 third-graders may explain why some children who experience peer victimization develop problems with depression or aggression while other children who also get bullied have healthy emotional and social adjustment.
»  Fit kids have beefier brain white matter than less-fit peers
[Link] Submitted August 22, 2014
»  Taking the Pulse of Aging: Researchers Map the Pulse Pressure and Elasticity of Arteries in the Brain
[Link] Submitted August 20, 2014
»  Neal Cohen Named Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Initiative Director
[Link] Submitted July 01, 2014
»  Fritz Drasgow named dean of U. of I. School of Labor and Employment Relations
[Link] Submitted June 19, 2014
[More Info] [Link] Submitted June 19, 2014
»  Angela Walden Wins Scholarship Award
[More Info] Submitted April 29, 2014
»  Urmitapa Dutta Wins Dissertation Award
[More Info] Submitted April 03, 2014
»  NSF Fellowship Awardees
[More Info] Submitted April 01, 2014
»  Rachael Rubin Receives Carle Foundation Hospital-Beckman Institute Fellowship
[More Info] [Link] Submitted March 12, 2014
»  Nate Helwig wins APA Division 5 Distinguished Dissertation Award
[More Info] Submitted March 03, 2014
»  Emily Dworkin and Melanie Tannenbaum receive Campus Teaching Awards
[More Info] Submitted February 26, 2014
»  Emily Dworkin and Melanie Tannenbaum win LAS teaching awards
[More Info] Submitted January 31, 2014
»  Prof. Renee Baillargeon has been awarded the 2013 Fyssen Foundation International Prize
[More Info] Submitted January 21, 2014
»  Melanie Tannenbaum receives Department Teaching Award
[More Info] Submitted January 16, 2014
»  Sarah Brown-Schmidt has been designated as an LAS 2014-2015 Helen Corley petit Scholar
[More Info] Submitted December 16, 2013
»  Jim Clark receives Psychology Department Academic Professional Award
[More Info] Submitted December 16, 2013
»  Ashley Ramm receives 2013 Staff Award
[More Info] Submitted December 16, 2013
»  Ariel James featured on the Graduate College Website
[More Info] [Link] Submitted November 07, 2013
»  Teachers Ranked Excellent by Their Students for Spring 2013
»  Kara Federmeier named LAS Centennial Scholar
»  E.J.R. David awarded 2013 AAPA Early Career Award
[More Info] [AAPA Awards] Submitted June 28, 2013
»  Clinical/Community grad Aprajita Mohanty named Rising Star by APS
[More Info] [Link] Submitted June 04, 2013
»  Marie Heffernan & Pei Pei Setoh receive Marion Morse Wood Fellowship
[More Info] Submitted May 23, 2013
»  Graduate students receive teaching certificates
[More Info] Submitted May 15, 2013
»  Andrew Case receives Arnie Miller Achievement Award
[More Info] Submitted May 07, 2013
»  Natalie Watson receives Herman Eisen Award
[More Info] Submitted May 07, 2013
»  Laura Crocker receives Ed Scheiderer Memorial Research Award
[More Info] Submitted May 07, 2013
»  Nancy Joseph receives Frederick & Ruby Kanfer Award
[More Info] Submitted May 07, 2013
»  Niwako Sugimura receives J. McVicker Hunt Award
[More Info] Submitted May 07, 2013
»  SPO grad Joshua Jackson named Rising Star by APS
[More Info] [Link] Submitted April 26, 2013
»  Urmitapa Dutta wins Division 27 Dissertation Award
[More Info] Submitted April 26, 2013
»  Quant grad Clintin Davis-Stober receives William K Estes Early Career Award
[More Info] Submitted April 26, 2013
»  NSF Fellowship Awards
[More Info] Submitted April 26, 2013
»  Teachers Ranked Excellent by Their Students for Fall 2012
»  Edelyn Verona wins Mid-Career Research Award
»  Michael Kraus named Rising Star by APS
[More Info] [APS Rising Stars] Submitted March 01, 2013
»  Ed Diener wins Lifetime Achievement Award
[More Info] Submitted February 15, 2013
»  Neal Cohen named as fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
[More Info] [AAAS] Submitted November 30, 2012
»  Brent Roberts wins 2012 APA Henry Murray Award
Brent Roberts has been named the recipient of the 2012 Henry Murray Award. From the APA website: "The Murray Award, established in 1978, is made annually to recognize and encourage those working in the demanding and difficult tradition pioneered by Henry Murray. The Murray tradition is characterized by
(a) receptiveness to the value of bringing together a variety of disciplines, theoretical viewpoints, and research techniques; (b) conceptual tools that lend themselves to the integration of the tough and tender in personality research; (c) a theoretical outlook that recognizes intrapsychic structure and the thematic of phenotypic diversity; (d) Interest in imagination and in biography, literature, and myth as psychological data; (e) interest in the biological, social, and cultural contexts of personality; and (e) intellectual leadership that has contributed to outstanding work."

Awardees receive a cash prize and are asked to present a Murray Award address at the meeting of American Psychological Association the following year.

Congratulations Brent!!
Submitted October 09, 2012
»  Harry Triandis will be honored by FABBS
[More Info] Submitted October 09, 2012
»  Kara Federmeier named 2012 University Scholar
[More Info] Submitted August 27, 2012
»  Michel Regenwetter, Jason Dana and Clintin P. Davis-Stober receive The Exeter Prize for Research in Experimental Economics, Decision Theory and Behavioral Economics

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