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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

PSYCH 290, Research Experience in Psychology, and PSYCH 494, Advanced Research in Psychology, provide research opportunities to undergraduate students. Credit hours are granted based on the scope of the work provided.

PSYCH 290s tend to be "entry-level" experiences. You may be doing data entry, transcribing tapes, or photo-copying. Some PSYCH 290s are more extensive and allow you to participate in lab meetings, for example. PSYCH 290 credit is graded as S/U. Your work in the lab will be determined "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory". 290 hours count toward your overall credits in Psychology and UIUC. They do not effect your GPA and cannot satisfy any specific requirements. Consider PSYCH 290 credit as elective hours.

PSYCH 494s allow students the opportunity to study a topic in greater depth. This may include continuing a PSYCH 290 in more detail/responsibility or just the desire to challenge yourself in a laboratory setting. PSYCH 494 credit is letter graded. Your work in the lab will be graded "A-F". 494 hours count as "advanced hours" in LAS. These hours can be used toward your Psychology and LAS requirements.

Research Fair: Each semester, the department sponsors an informational fair that allows research labs the opportunity to showcase their work. Students are invited to attend this informal fair, ask questions, apply for positions, etc.

Labs can also post research opportunities on this web page. These may be positions available for PSYCH 290/494 credit or paid positions. If you don't see an enticing opportunity now, check back next semester.

Current Research Opportunity Listings:

  • The Brain and Cognitive Development Lab is seeking responsible, detail-oriented students to assist with our ongoing research. The lab investigates the neural basis of quantitative, spatial, and social cognition in infants, young children, and adults. If you are interested in our research, please visit the lab's web site and complete the application located on the "People" page.
    Contact: Charline Simon [217-300-2934 | Email | BCD Lab]

  • The Language & Brain Lab seeks students to help with research on language processing (English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and Russian) in the brain. We measure brainwaves while people read. New students must sign up for at least 2 credits, which is 6 hrs/week in the lab. This is great experience if you're considering grad school in Psych, Neuroscience, or Linguistics.

    If you're interested in applying, send email to Dr. Garnsey at the email address in the Contact field.
    Contact: Susan Garnsey [Email]

  • The Cognitive Development Lab is seeking hard-working, detail oriented Research Assistants for Spring 2015! If you enjoy working with children and are looking for a great research experience, please consider this opportunity.

    Contact: Heidi Olson [217-244-7674 | Email]

  • Are you interested in studying families from different cultures? The Developmental Social Neuroscience Lab is looking for reliable, motivated, and Mandarin-fluent research assistants for a study of Chinese American families. Researchers will help recruit and collect data from participants, and will gain valuable experience in a wide variety of research techniques. Occasional weekend and evening availability is required. If you are interested, please email for an application.
    Contact: Cynthia Yuen [217-300-3881 | Email]

  • The Language Acquisition Lab is seeking mature and responsible students to assist with our research. The lab conducts experimental research on language comprehension and word learning in children between about 1 and 5 years of age. Students work in small groups to test children in experiments, and code the resulting data. If you are interested in children and in language, please visit our web site (below) and click on Opportunities for Students to find an application.
    Contact: Lisa Michigan [217-244-6098 | Email | LALab]

    603 East Daniel St., Champaign, IL 61820 • Phone: (217) 333-0631 • Fax: (217) 244-5876