William F. Busen

Hi, all! I do data wrangling for the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before that, I did lots of interesting stuff that I talk about elsewhere. I grew up in Moline, IL, and got a BSCS from Illinois. Also, I wear lots of hats in my personal life - I am a:

Attending Twin City Bible Church in Urbana, IL.

Fan/Dad/Friend/Enthusiastic supporter
Of the talented students of the String Department of the School of Music at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Intermittent piano teacher
People keep asking me out of the blue to teach them piano. This is really fun, if mystifying, since I love thinking and talking about making a performance more musical. I warn them that I am shy on technique with an overemphasis on musicality, and that never seems to bother anybody. So I probably couldn't teach beginners.

Linguistics nerd
I have credit for 2-1/2 years of German and a year each of French, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese. It's fun to surprise speakers of less-studied languages with a little exchange in their heart language, as well. Working on a college campus is perfect if you like to do this! Now a dozen lessons into Mandaring with Rosetta Stone!

Oh, all right, so I'm just a CLOWN!
Without portfolio.

Stranded contrabass balalaika player
Before its demise, I played in the University of Illinois Russian Folk Orchestra.

LOW Bass
Bass II in the chorus that sings with Champaign-Urbana Symphony, Sinfonia da Camera, and the University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra (Oratorio Society). I have been blessed to sing under Paul Salamunovich, Joseph Flummerfelt, Kristina Boerger, and Andrew Megill, among others. It amazes me how much I learn every year even fifty years after my first gig.

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William F. Busen
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