Lecture 3c: Moral Development
last updated 2/9/2004

I.  Moral Development (read more)


                A.  Kohlberg's stages (sample dilemma: Heinz and the druggist)

                        1. Preconventional: Determined by consequences
                             Stage 1: Punishment orientation
                             Stage 2: Pleasure-seeking orientation


                        2. Conventional: Desire to conform to expectations and socially accepted rules and values
                             Stage 3: Good boy/good girl orientation (obtain social approval)
                             Stage 4: Authority orientation (uphold law, order, and authority by following rules)


                        3. Postconventional: Self accepted moral priniciples (image of 3 stages)
                             Stage 5: Social contract orientation
                             Stage 6: Morality of individual principles


                B.  Carol Gilligan's response: Kohlberg's theory is male-focused!

                        1.  Socialization => boys more likely to have a morality of justice

                        2.  Girls focus on caring and nurturance, rather than justice

                        3.  Used a different set of moral dillemas:  (e.g., "The porcupine and the mole" story).
                                a.  Gender differences not found
                                b.  But Kohlberg's conceptualization of morality got expanded


                C.  Other criticisms
                        1.  Correlated with behavior?
                        2.  Culturally biased (e.g., individual morality over societal rules)


                D.  Practice applying Kohlberg's theory in a Solitaire-type interactive game