Kenyon College
Psychology 102: Introduction to Psychology

For your convenience, each chapter's lecture notes and the corresponding assigned readings are archived at this web site. The lecture notes are intended to help you organize the class material and help you prepare for the exams. They are not intended to take the place of the class lectures.  Relying exclusively on these notes to prepare for the exams is strongly discouraged.  If you are inrerested in one or more of the topics below, you may want to consider the following courses.

Weekly Topic and Lecture Notes

  1.  Introduction: The Science of Psychology

Lecture 1a: Psyche Myth
Lecture 1b: Psychology-Yesterday and Today

Chapter 1

  2.  Research Methods

Lecture 2a: The Scientific Method
Lecture 2b: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
Lecture 2c: Research Ethics

Chapter 2

  3.  Development I: Infancy and Childhood

Lecture 3a: The Newborn
Lecture 3b: Cognitive Development
Lecture 3c: Moral Development
Lecture 3d: Attachment Theory

Chapter 10
Pages 373-400

  4.  Development II: Adolescence and Adulthood

Lecture 4a: Adolescent Development
Lecture 4b: Adult Development

Lecture 4c: Attraction and Love (Happy Valentine's Day!) 

Chapter 10
Pages 400-417
Pages 612-616

  5.  Social Thinking: Attributions and Attitudes

Attitude Formation and Change

Chapter 15
Pages 590-600
Pages 617-621

  6.  Social Influence: Norms, Conformity, and Obedience

Conformity and Compliance

Chapter 15
Pages 600-612

  7.  Social Relations: Altruism and Aggression

Prosocial Behavior

Chapter 15
Pages 621-631

  8.  Thinking and Intelligence

Intelligence: Definition and History
Intelligence Measurement
Intelligence: Controversial Issues

Chapter 8
Pages 291-324

  9.  Motivation and Emotion (no lecture)

Chapter 9

10.  Personality

Trait and Somatotype Theories
Freud and Psychodynamic Theories
Behavioral and Humanistic Theories

Chapter 11

11.  Adjusting to Life: Stress, Coping and Health

Health Psychology

Chapter 12

12.  Psychological Disorders I: Classification

Defintion and Classification
Major Mental Disorders

Chapter 13
Pages 505-512

13.  Psychological Disorders II: Specific Disorders


Chapter 13
Pages 512-549

14.  Psychological Disorders III: Treatment

Introduction to Psychotherapy
Insight Therapies: Psychodynamic
Insight Therapies: Humanistic and Gestault
Cognitive & Behavioral Therapies

Chapter 14
15.  Students' Choice None