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On-line Attachment-related documents, overviews, and surveys
Here are some links to various web-based documents that I've written on self-report measures of adult attachment.

A Brief Overview of Adult Attachment Theory and Research (Fraley)
This document provides a brief overview of adult attachment theory and research. It is designed to cover some of the basic ideas that motivate attachment research among social and personality psychologists.

Information about Self-Report Measures of Adult Attachment (Shaver & Fraley)
This is a summary of some of the self-report measures that are commonly used in adult attachment research in the social-personality tradition. Most of the information is of historical or archival relevance, but I try to update the document every few years to reflect newer developments.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Close Relationships Questionnaire (CRQ) or the Experiences in Close Relationships--Revised (ECR-R) questionnaire (Fraley)
This page is designed to be a relatively comprehensive FAQ guide for the ECR-R--a self-report measure that Waller, Brennan, and I published in 2000. Please consult this online document before writing to me if you have questions about this measure. This page also answers some more general questions about the use of self-report measures in the study of adult attachment.

On-line Attachment Questionnaire (CRQ/ECR-R) (Fraley, Waller, & Brennan, 2000)
This web survey is a broad-based measure of attachment styles in close relationships. The web survey is designed to process and numerically and graphically summarize a person's attachment scores.

Information about the Experiences in Close Relationships- Relationship Structures (ECR-RS) questionnaire (Fraley)
This page summarizes information about the ECR-RS--a self-report measure of adult attachment that can be used to assess attachment styles (a) in various relational domains (e.g., parental, romantic), (b) as a state or a trait, (c) in a relationship-specific manner or in a more general or global manner. Please consult this online document before writing to me if you have questions about this measure. The FAQ link above for the ECR-R addresses questions that are commonly asked regarding both the ECR-RS and the ECR-R.

ECR-Relationship Structures
This web application is designed to assess individual differences in attachment across multiple relationships. The application also provides feedback regarding the within-person correlational structure of a person's attachment ratings.

Applications in CGI / Perl

Probing Interactions in Moderated Multiple Regression and Differential Susceptibility Research
The purpose of this web application is to facilitate the investigation of differential susceptibility hypotheses in developmental and clinical research. This application also provides a number of general tools that investigators can use to probe interactions in moderated multiple regression, including interaction plots, simple slope analyses, and regions of significance. This application is a supplement to Roisman, G. I., Newman, D. A., Fraley, R. C., Haltigan, J. D., Groh, A. M., & Haydon, K. C. (2012). Distinguishing differential susceptibility from diathesis-stress: Recommendations for evaluating interaction effects. Development and Psychopathology, 24, 389-409.

Self-Scoring Adult Attachment Questionnaire (CRQ/ECR-R)
Assesses adult attachment security toward a romantic partner using the Experiences in Close Relationships-Revised questionnaire (Fraley, Waller, & Brennan, 2000).

Relationship Structures
Assesses a person's attachment security in five relationships, and provides a principal components analysis of the within-person correlation matrix.

On-line Personality Tests and Quizes
This web site,, contains a number of on-line personality tests that I've created. Have fun!

Fraley, R. C. (2004). How to conduct behavioral research over the Internet: A beginner's guide to HTML and CGI/Perl. New York: Guilford.
This link goes to a web page for a book I've written on how to design Internet research studies.
Flash / ActionScript
These are programs I've written in Macromedia's Flash MX. You will need the Flash Player plug-in to view these experiments and applications.

One-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Simulates a simple cellular automata model as an illustration of the way in which simple rules can generate complexity, both chaotic and patterned. This particular application allows you to chose among several updating rules.

Simulation of Nowak and Vallacher's Self-System
This application provides a simulation of Nowak and Vallacher's self-system. In short, this program illustrates the ways in which the dynamics among an interconnected system of agents can create stable islands of cohesion within a representational network. This simulation employs two-dimensional cellular automata, and is implemented using isometrics.

Simple Spreading Activation Neural Network
A simple eight-node system of interconnected neurons. Place your mouse pointer over a neuron/node in order to activate it. As the neuron becomes more active, it passes its activation on to connected neurons. Eventually, the activation will spread throughout the entire system.

Aggregation Dynamics
Each agent in this system behaves according to three simple rules: (a) move around until you're near an agent of similar color, (b) when you find someone of the same color, settle down, and (c) if you run into someone of a different color, move around. These simple individual-level rules produce patterns of segregation at a global level.

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