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Subjects Wanted for Research

Posted Dec. 3, 2014

Participants needed for a communication and name learning group task for the Conversation Lab.

The task will take 1.5-2 hours, and you will be paid for $4 per half hour (so $12-$16 total).

Participants should be native English speakers and over the age of 18.

Please contact if interested.
Contact: Nicole Craycraft [Email]
IRB Protocol 10679 expiring 2015-02-27 / Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Brown-Schmidt

Posted Oct. 27, 2014

Seeking subjects for an fMRI study of visual cognition. Must have normal or corrected-to-normal vision and no metal (eg. implants) in the body. You will be asked to fill out a safety checklist regarding the presence of metal in your body prior to being scanned. Pay is $15 an hour. Experiments are 1.5 hours long. We will be running studies from 11/04/2014 to 12/12/2014. Contact Carolyn Hughes for more information.
Contact: Carolyn Hughes [Email]
IRB Protocol 06211 expiring 2015-10-25 / Faculty Sponsor: Diane Beck

Posted Oct. 8, 2014

Participants needed for an eye-tracking study of memory and creativity. The experiment lasts 1 hour and participants will be paid $8 for their time. Participants must have normal or corrected-to-normal (contacts preferred) vision. The experiment takes place in the Memory Systems Lab at the Beckman Institute.
Contact: Nick Parks [217-300-3634 | Email]
IRB Protocol 01097 expiring 2015-02-03 / Faculty Sponsor: Neal J. Cohen

Posted Sep. 26, 2014

Earn $10 by participating in a psychology study. You'll need to come into the lab for two 50-minute sessions. You'll be paid $10 total for completing both sessions.

To qualify, you must be a native speaker, 18 or older, and have normal or corrected-to-normal hearing. You must not have previously completed Study 109.

Email for more information or to schedule an appointment. Please include your phone number in your message so we can call you to set up an appointment.
Contact: Nathan Hudson [Email]
IRB Protocol 13779 expiring 2015-06-03 / Faculty Sponsor: Fraley

Posted Sep. 19, 2014

Participants Needed for iPad Puzzle Game Study

Participants aged 20-80 are needed. Participants will play word puzzles on an iPad and complete paper-pencil tasks for 2 to 2.5 hours. Participants will be paid $8 per hour plus bonus money earned from the puzzle games. Requirement: (1) Native speakers of English, (2) No graduate or professional training. Call 244-7336 or email for more details.
Contact: Xiaomei Liu [Email]
IRB Protocol 13591 expiring 2015-06-24 / Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Stine-Morrow

Posted Aug. 25, 2014

Participants needed for an experiment on web information search. Participants will answer questions by using developed search boxes & browsing web pages for 2 hours at Beckman Institute. You will be paid $16 for the participation and $4 per half hour if it takes longer. Requirements: (1) native English Speaker (2) ages 18-35 or 60-90 (3) familiar with internet browsing and the use of a keyboard and mouse. Please contact for more information.
Contact: Evan Anderson [Email]
IRB Protocol 09468 expiring 2015-02-24 / Faculty Sponsor: Wai-Tat Fu

Posted Jul. 16, 2014

Participants wanted for experiment on medical decision-making based on online information, working on tasks such as comparing different treatment options by browsing web pages. The experiment will take 1.5-2 hours at Beckman Institute. You will be paid $4 per half hour. To qualify, you must be native speaking, above 18 & familiar with Internet browsing. If interested please contact and provide available two-hour time slots in the next two weeks.
Contact: Vera Liao [Email]
IRB Protocol 12511 expiring 2015-04-04 / Faculty Sponsor: Wai-Tat Fu

Posted May. 14, 2014

Participants needed for a spatial communication experiment. You will work with an assigned partner on collaborative tasks on a map application. It will take 1.5-2 hour and you will be paid for $4 per half an hour. To qualify, you must be a native speaker, above 18, and familiar with online map application (e.g., google map). If interested please email your available two-hour slots in the next two weeks.
Contact: Vera Liao [Email]
IRB Protocol 12484 expiring 2015-03-01 / Faculty Sponsor: Wai-Tat Fu

Posted May. 1, 2014

WIN UP to $35 for half an hour!!!
-Participants will make a series of choices between simple “risky monetary prospects” for half an hour.
-Participants will receive at least a minimum $5 payment at the completion of the experiment (or a prorated payment for partial completion).
-At the end of the experiment, participants will experience one risky monetary prospect to win a cash prize valued between $0-$30*, with an average expected prize of about $15 in addition to the $5 payment.

Contact: Anna Popova [2177210804 | Email | Our Lab]
IRB Protocol 14693 expiring 2015-04-20 / Faculty Sponsor: M. Regenwetter

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